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April 2010
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What crazy weather we have been
experiencing lately! One day it is warm enough to fool one into thinking it is
summer and the next you wake up to snow-covered ground making you feel like
Rip Van Winkle wondering if you slept way too long! Alas, it is simply spring
at Beech Hill Farm and much like all of New England, if you wait but a little
while you will discover the weather changing again.

The bison don’t really seem to
care, other than the inconvenience of pushing the snow out of the way to get
the fresh blades of grass which they much prefer over the hay. No births yet,
but there are noticeable signs that they are on the way. Last year our calves
started arriving at the beginning of May. Most likely they will come around the
same time this year. We are watching and will post it when they do. The new
calves are a marvel to see and we invite you to stop by with your camera.

It is said, “a picture is worth a
thousand words” and that could not be more true when it comes to our bison
calves and their interaction with their moms. The picture above was taken last year in early June.

Stay tuned!

Ted & Doretta

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A Spring Day
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Here is Little Warrior after a spring shower. From the farm you could see the entire rainbow span the sky. It was truly amazing.
      We have been enjoying the spring weather here at Beech Hill Farm & Bison Ranch. Our bison are beginning to shed their warm winter coats and are eager for the grasses to come in. They can be found carefully nibbling the grasses that are greening taking only the tops and leaving the roots. Bison are terrific at helping to preserve pastureland since they do not eat the entire blade of grass to the root. Instinctively, they only eat the upper portions and leave the rest to grow back again. One of the students I visited at the Suncook School a few weeks ago put it well when he said, “you have natural lawn mowers.” Now if I could only stake them out around the lawn, I wouldn’t have to mow anymore! But he is right in the fact that they keep the grasses trimmed as they forage and at the same time help strengthen the grasses themselves. With bison we observe a sample of natural balance at its best.
    We hope you are having a wonderful spring.

Ted & Doretta

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