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June 2017
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Along with this 2 year old bull, we are excited to be featured on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network entitled Incredible Maine this Saturday, April 3rd at 10:30 a.m. We were delighted to host LC VanSavage and the crew on two occasions as they filmed the show. They are terrific people and do a wonderful job of featuring folks from all over Maine and promoting this great state. Check their website at www.incrediblemaine.com.

Of course, our bison did not always cooperate when we prepared for special footage, but in the long run they did what they do best - be bison with their own agenda and the crew of Incredible Maine captured their nature so well.

We also had the honor of being interviewed by Sharon Rose, of Channel 6 News, as she wore her “columnist” hat for Food, Etc. She did a wonderful job of sharing the great taste and health benefits of bison meat, as well as their grazing instincts that help to sustain pastures and grasslands. 

We are gearing up for birthing season and hope that you will come by for a visit. We never know quite when the calves will start to arrive, but you can watch this blog to learn when they do. We will keep you posted! Last year it all began on May 3rd through June 10th. We hope we do not have a repeat performance of twins, however!

Speaking of twins, Little Warrior is doing great. He is kicking up his heels in this warmer weather and growing stronger every day. He, like the rest of the herd are enjoying the bits of grass that are turning green - a welcomed break from the hay they have had all winter.

Enjoy the warming weather!

Ted & Doretta

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